Barry’s Reviews – Hanes Men’s ComfortSoft White Crew Neck T-Shirt 10 Pack SUPER VALUE – Small

After a small internet investigation, it was clear that the product I was holding in my hands were the T-Shirts I so often walked in front of at Walmart. No longer will I need to daydream about eating spicy wings wearing one of these, it is now tested and I’ll let you know how they held up.

First off, let’s get one thing straight: as a man wearing Large (or X-Large depending on the brand), the size is incorrect. I cannot in good conscience give a good review to an item which is not the correct size for me. However, as an honest and impartial reviewer, I asked my 6’5″ son to wear one of them and give me his impressions. The result: it was also too small for him. I will need to deduct points for this product for size.

Next was the spicy wings test. I wore that shirt at my favorite BBQ joint and ordered 48 wings. After 13 wings, I started to find the T-Shirt less comfortable than when I started as more and more of my belly was showing. I tried wiping my fingers on the shirt and on my son’s shirt and the sauce stains were extremely visible on the white fabric. For comparison sake, we tried the same on the waiter’s black shirt and the sauce stains were barely visible.

On the plus side, my son and I gathered a lot of attention while we were exchanging sauce stains on each other’s t-shirts. It felt nice to be the center of attention, never before in my life have I felt so sexy. Well… maybe once, during the Vietnam war. I was delivering mail undercover in New York. I wore a wig and a wedding dress. In order not to attract too much attention to myself, I applied mascara and cried for several minutes before leaving the house. That way, I easily posed as one of these left-at-the-altar women hanging around in Central Park. However, I wasn’t going to Central Park, and I underestimated the erotic nature of my body in the dress. Long story short, war was over the next day as the Communist surrendered.

Recap for
Hanes Men’s ComfortSoft White Crew Neck T-Shirt 10 Pack SUPER VALUE – Small:

  • Size: 0 / 10
  • Spicy Wings Stains Resistance: 0 / 10
  • Look: 10 / 10
  • Overall: 3.33333333333333333 / 10

Special thanks to Alfonso Suarez for the package.

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