Barry’s Little Troubles – Stomach issues

I couldn’t write yesterday, I had a day off from work. Also, I had to see a doctor for my stomach. I was told packing peanuts were safe to eat, but maybe not all of them. Anyway. I only ate one to assess if they could make a nice low-cost replacement for actual peanuts, since I have access to them in large and frequent quantity, for my patented signature Pad Thai. I learned the recipe while undercover in Wyoming during the Korean War.

Anyway, long story short, I have to stay in bed. As per the internet stomach doctor ordered (

I’ll find my way to some more packages eventually. In the meantime, this situation is a nice arrangement as my terrible son’s future widow now has to help me get out of the bath. Once she’s used to it, she’ll start enjoying it. And so phase 1 of my plan begins.

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